Top aquarium accessories


Aquariums are our lovely domestic seas, where we are treated to the aquatic entertainment of ecstatic fishes, swimming about in refreshing recklessness. Making a
beautiful aquarium is more than throwing fishes into a cup of water. Building
and nourishing aquariums demand a host of top accessories. Let us look at
some of the top crucial ones without which the fishes in the aquarium feel like
they are serving a court sentence.  Here are some good ones that even clean themselves.

Your aquarium can hardly do without algae scraper. This accessory is very helpful in
the removal of algae from your aquarium, precisely its sides. This way the
sides of the aquarium are sparkling clear and very penetrable to sight, this
greatly improves how visible your eyes are. You really need this is as you need
to see your aquarium very clearly.

Another accessory you need for your aquarium is the algae eraser. It greatly improves
the convenience of managing your aquarium, as it saves you the undue stress of

Light is beauty. Your aquarium needs enough lighting. This could be LED lighting or
fluorescent lighting. Thanks to modern technology, we have a fat variety of
options as to lighting solutions. Your aquarium is no black hole, light it
enough to light up your heart.

Another indispensable accessory you need for your aquarium is water test kits. Of
course, professional handling of aquarium demands you to once in a while test
the ammonia concentration, even the nitrate and PH level of the water in the
aquarium. This ensures the health and comfort of the fishes inside. So once the
levels disagree with set standards, you can quickly call in for remedial
professional services.

In the case where you at intervals change the water in your aquarium, it is important
you help your fishes get accustomed to the new water when you add water
conditioner—it is such a vital aquarium accessory.

One revolutionary yet crucial aquarium accessory you would so love for what it
brings is the UV Sterilizer. This lovely technology contributes immensely in
ridding your aquarium of pathogens which include viruses, bacteria, as well as
free floating pathogen and algae. It infuses juicy health and hygiene very
effective in preventing the spread of diseases in your aquarium, blasting your
aquarium with strong torrents of freshness.

Your house adds a stronger aesthetic intonation when fortified with these resplendent
aquarium accessories, washing your mind refreshingly in the blue pool of
swimming fishes. Get these accessories and get that aquarium of smiling

Most aggressive dog breeds

Unfortunately, your thinking may not be quite on the mark. The top three most aggressive dog breeds are actually – you guessed it – small ones! Of course, you must remember that virtually any breed of dog can be trained not to bite if they are taught early, consistently and well. There will be, though, those breeds that are more stubborn and resistant to your training, so steering clear of these breeds may be a good idea if you don’t have a lot of extra time to train little Fido not to bite people.

Although they enjoy a good reputation as pets, Dachshunds, better known, perhaps, as wiener dogs can be incredibly vicious beasts making them the number one aggressive dog you will find. It is true that a Dachshund, when aggressive, won’t inflict the kind of damage that a larger, say Pit Bull or Doberman might should they become aggressive, but it is also true that they will be aggressive more often and more quickly. If you have babies or toddlers, it may be best to stay away for getting a Dachshund as a pet for this reason.  Having a good cage for them is absolutely necessary

The second most aggressive dog, believe it or not, is the tiny Chihuahua. The thought of more as an accessory than a dog, this breed can be quite vicious, snapping, nipping and biting strangers, family and even other dogs. Though they come in an adorable package and are among the smallest dogs in the world, don’t let them fool you – they are beasts. You should consider this quite carefully before making your decision to bring one home as the family pet. It may not be the wisest thing to do to bring a Chihuahua home to infants, toddlers, and smaller kids.

Third on the list of most aggressive dog breed is, surprisingly, the Jack Russell Terrier. The seemingly sweet little dog (like the one in Frazier’s Sitcom named Eddie) can be an incredible beast, picking, digging, fighting, and the like. This is another breed you should likely steer clear of should you have infants, toddlers, or young children.

At the opposite end of the spectrum, the lower aggression breeds include Greyhounds, Bassett Hounds, Golden Retrievers, and Siberian Huskies. These strains showed a markedly lower propensity toward hostility and aggression.

Digital Nomads – Dating in Asia

There are many possibilities out there for Foreigners dating in Asia to find a good partner in the “Land of Morning Calm.” While Asia might be known as the “Land of Morning Calm,” it says nothing of the night time in cities like Seoul and Busan, which are anything but calm. Nightlife in Asia is all about going out, drinking and having a good time; and, it is the perfect way to meet a girl.  Of course this helps the young nomads with their ability to hang out with girls!


asia-cityWhen I first came to Seoul two years ago, I had a preconception that Asia would be very traditional and meeting Asian girls would be a bit of a problem. While sometimes that is the case, there are many more times the opportunity to find a date. Asian women are for the most part very open to meeting a western guy. They have been watching American TV their whole lives, and some have developed preference and curiosity for Western males.  The best thing that you can do is get on a dating site.  One of the biggest ones that is free is Date in Asia.  There’s a kind of creepy review site that actually has good information.  The site has a review for dating in Asia that’s super informative.  Once again, the guy that runs the site seems to be creepy but should help you out.


The one obvious drawback is the language. Growing up, I’m guessing not many western guys from Canada and the US had the opportunity to learn Asian and will not know any upon arriving in the country. This will narrow the field slightly, but fear not, there is good news.


Asia is growing fast, and so are the numbers of English speakers. Asian girls start learning English in elementary school, and many of them have a firm grasp on the language by the time they are in their 20s. These women would love to get a chance to practice their English. Even if they are not interested in dating you, more times than not, a friend of theirs would like to.


Aside from the general women population having decent English skills, there are certain places in the city where English is very common and women going to these places are there because they like interacting with foreigners. It gets even better, women coming to these places typically speak fluently and they are very social and friendly to the foreigners.


A third option for Foreigners dating in Asia is a bit trickier, but will pay off loads, in the long run, is learning to speak Asian! This is a lock and will give Asian speaking foreigners instant access to the whole population. While it will take a few months to begin to get a handle on the language, it’s value cannot be overstated. Learning to speak the local language is very attractive to women!

Michael Lasmanis: Data and Online Advertising

Michael Lasmanis is CTO of Pulpo Media.

Held at the Haas School of Business, University of California, Berkeley, the Data Science & Strategy Lecture Series examines the evolving role of “big data” and analytics in managerial decision-making. In this playlist, lecture series host Prof. Greg La Blanc interviews industry executives and practitioners on key topics in data science, including data mining, machine learning, visualization, advanced statistics and more. For more information please visit:

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Online Advertising For Beginners | Best Ways To Advertise Online

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Online Advertising for Beginners

Using online advertising to drive relevant traffic to your website is very beneficial to the success of a business. Many people shy away because of the investment required and the competition presented by companies with similar goods and services. However, this is the best way to create awareness for your campaign by targeting the right audience. It is also an opportunity to research on how to enhance a website’s SEO strategies and determine the best techniques to produce good results. Consider these advertising platforms for your business.

Bing Pay per Click

This is considered to be a great alternative to Google AdWords. Bing is a platform that is responsible for a large portion of the search engine share. This company powers ads on the Bing search engine, Yahoo and other partner sites. You will be able to reach a sizable audience by using this Microsoft platform.


The wide audience that is presented by Facebook is a good target in online advertising. It presents a platform to market content that will advance the popularity of a website or brand.


The rise of Twitter in the social networking circles has proven to be beneficial for advertisers. The real-time sharing of short updates can quickly get your brand popularity. Twitter Ads are unique in that they analyze the posts made and promote the one that has garnered most attention from followers.


There are many YouTube users that can potentially be transformed into clients. The popular culture that has been cultivated ensures that there is an audience for every kind of business.


Craigslist is an advertising platform that can drive traffic to your website without investment. As long as you know how to properly utilize the tools, you will find it very beneficial.


Podcasts have become fairly popular as downloads or even streaming online. This digital medium can be presented in different formats depending on the nature of the business and the expected results from the online advertising.

Evaluate the most ideal method for your purpose through diligent research.

Online Advertising

3 Best Online Advertising Strategies For 2014

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