Must-Dos While In Archdale North Carolina

We thought we’d talk about one of the internet marketing capitals in the U.S.  This place, Archdale NC, with it’s small population, has the highest density of internet marketers in the world.  It started with just a few guys but as they grew and trained more people in their area, they now have the most internet marketers per capita.  Here’s a list of things to do in the area.



Archdale North Carolina is a small town with a population of a little more than 11,400 and sits between Winston-Salem and Greensboro, thought High Point is closest in proximity to it. It is rich in outdoor activities, with any other larger city or town overshadowed by some of the outdoor fun.


One would be hard pressed to find zip line adventures, outdoor laser tag, and spooky woods in their home, regardless of size. That’s part of the charm of Archdale North Carolina.


Kersey Valley Zip Line is one of the main attractions, if you are into gliding high above the tree line. If you are an adventurer at heart, the outings are very highly rated, citing both pleasant and knowledgeable and accommodating flight instructors.


There are multiple lines to try out to make the adventure more exciting. Ask about the various packages to get the right amount of adrenaline pumping to satisfy the need for speed and excitement.


The Kersey Valley Escape is another adventure that tops the list of must-dos for Archdale. It is a unique situation-based and clue-based live-action game, where the players (guests) are given clues to move the gameplay forward.


There are variations of the game that occur in different rooms from Deadwood to Manor to Autopsy, which provide an hour to escape by putting together the puzzle of clues. For a more enchanting time, consider attending both rooms back to back.


If you are new to it, it can be particularly challenging because the puzzles lead to other puzzles that eventually unlock the room.


The Spooky Woods is considered, at least by its attendees, one of the best haunted houses in the nation. Professional, fun, and a spooky best bet for time well-spent in spooky Archdale North Carolina.


The Kersey Valley high ropes is another sport for courageous daredevils who are unafraid of heights and always up for a great challenge. The idea is, while strapped into a harness, high above the ground, to make it across to the other side walking among blocks that are suspended in air.
The fun is in the variation, as they have more than one route to make it more stimulating.


Bush Hill Trading Post is a more grounded experience, offering up a whole host of antiques and a general store. This town is full on Southern charm exploded.


Holly Ridge Golf Links might be the main draw for golf fans throughout the country. It is a terrific course that is well cared for and provides a good challenge for any level of player. They also have putting greens and a practice chipping green.


If you are still looking for something to do, then try out the Kersey Valley Laser Tag for a round of well-footed fun on the ground. It is a great spot for laser tag as it is more of a hunting or battlefield type of feel. It is out in the great outdoors, and makes it a bit more exciting and exhilarating for the players to sneak up on one another, hiding behind trees and blocks and such.


The Kelsey Valley Maize Adventure is another outdoor adventure for the whole family. Fortunately, if you get off path, there are guides to help you get back moving in the right direction.


All in all, Archdale North Carolina puts itself on the map with so many active tourist attractions. There really is something for everyone in this small town. Bring a sense of adventure, your courage, and sharpen your minds before heading out onto the zip lines or into the Escape too!

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Are Mont Blanc Pens Really Worth The Price?

I wrote this article up as an example of good online advertising. You want to make the articles vague but you also want to persuade people to buy things. Hope you enjoy this “lesson”!


The price of a Mont Blanc pen varies in function of the model you want to purchase. But regardless of the pen you want to get, these items definitely fall into the luxury products category. You might be asking yourself if spending so much for a pen is really worth it. Here is why Mont Blanc pens are really worth the high price tag.


Mont Blanc is a luxury brand that is known all over the world. Great care is put into the creation of these pens and any products from this brand will last for years. You can also expect to receive high quality customer service since these pens come with a warranty.


Because Mont Blanc is such a well-known brand, one of these pens is an ideal gift if you want to impress someone. They will recognize the brand instantly and will be proud to display it. A Mont Blanc pen is also an excellent choice if you want to show off a little. There is nothing wrong with that if you work hard and are successful at what you do!  Check out these reviews for a discount on a Mont Blanc Pen –


You might think that all pens are the same but you will definitely notice a difference once you try one of these pens. These pens are carefully designed and manufactured to provide you with an amazing experience every time you write. These pens glide very smoothly on paper and make writing a more enjoyable experience.


The designs of these pens is what truly justifies the high price tag. You can find a wide range of colors and patterns but all of these pens look absolutely gorgeous. You will not find the same level of sophistication and elegance in the designs of any other pens.


This is why a Mont Blanc pen will make a great gift or a great addition to your desk. People will definitely notice the design of the pen and will instantly know that this isn’t a cheap ordinary pen. You will find that owning one of these pens makes you feel more important just by looking at it!


Owning a luxury pen means you will be more likely to take good care of it. This isn’t a pen you will lose, and you will probably be proud to display and use it. People will notice it and get the feeling that you are sophisticated. This could eliminate the need to keep buying more pens over the years if you tend to lose your pens on a regular basis.


Luxury pens are not for everyone. However, if you appreciate finer things in life or are looking for a special gift for a sophisticated person, a Mont Blanc pen could be a good option. The high price tag is entirely justified once you take into consideration the well-known brand, the high quality of the product, the smooth writing experience and the gorgeous designs. You should take the time to shop around to find a pen that matches your personality or that would amaze the person you need to find a classy gift for!

Michael Lasmanis: Data and Online Advertising

Michael Lasmanis is CTO of Pulpo Media.

Held at the Haas School of Business, University of California, Berkeley, the Data Science & Strategy Lecture Series examines the evolving role of “big data” and analytics in managerial decision-making. In this playlist, lecture series host Prof. Greg La Blanc interviews industry executives and practitioners on key topics in data science, including data mining, machine learning, visualization, advanced statistics and more. For more information please visit:

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Online Advertising For Beginners | Best Ways To Advertise Online

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Online Advertising for Beginners

Using online advertising to drive relevant traffic to your website is very beneficial to the success of a business. Many people shy away because of the investment required and the competition presented by companies with similar goods and services. However, this is the best way to create awareness for your campaign by targeting the right audience. It is also an opportunity to research on how to enhance a website’s SEO strategies and determine the best techniques to produce good results. Consider these advertising platforms for your business.

Bing Pay per Click

This is considered to be a great alternative to Google AdWords. Bing is a platform that is responsible for a large portion of the search engine share. This company powers ads on the Bing search engine, Yahoo and other partner sites. You will be able to reach a sizable audience by using this Microsoft platform.


The wide audience that is presented by Facebook is a good target in online advertising. It presents a platform to market content that will advance the popularity of a website or brand.


The rise of Twitter in the social networking circles has proven to be beneficial for advertisers. The real-time sharing of short updates can quickly get your brand popularity. Twitter Ads are unique in that they analyze the posts made and promote the one that has garnered most attention from followers.


There are many YouTube users that can potentially be transformed into clients. The popular culture that has been cultivated ensures that there is an audience for every kind of business.


Craigslist is an advertising platform that can drive traffic to your website without investment. As long as you know how to properly utilize the tools, you will find it very beneficial.


Podcasts have become fairly popular as downloads or even streaming online. This digital medium can be presented in different formats depending on the nature of the business and the expected results from the online advertising.

Evaluate the most ideal method for your purpose through diligent research.

Online Advertising

3 Best Online Advertising Strategies For 2014

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